Read Before Making a Purchase from eBay Seller longtalldex
  I purchased the following item on eBay from a dealer longtalldex. The item description stated:

Kelty backpack-Tioga5500/Blue- Brand New!!

Auctioning **new**, Kelty Backpack - Tioga 5500!
Great deal ~ Awesome pack with NO RESERVE!
Retails at $170.00!!
A classic external frame design. The Tioga offers everything you expect in a backpack, plus hydration compatibility. Best deal!!
Backpack is exactly as pictured!! (The picture was a stock advertising photo of a new pack from Kelty.)

The pack that I received had scrapes. I promptly emailed longtalldex the pictures found at the bottom of this page. Longtalldex replied:

I received these packs from the Sales Rep for Kelty. They were never ever used for anything other than showing to store buyers.

In further discussions, Longtalldex, insisted the pack description as "Brand New!!" was correct, and refused to adjust the price to comparable "like new" Kelty tioga packs with prices documented from eBay sales; "like new" packs were about half the price of mine. Longtalldex refused to pay return shipping costs on a refund.

Please judge for yourself whether this pack should have been described as "Brand New!!" or as a slightly scraped display model.

Pictures of End Plugs
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Pictures of Cross Bar
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